• Breakdown by Doktor Santi

    I watched the mini-documentary Maleek Berry put out on himself a couple of years back, and watching him work, I must admit I sort of under-estimated his talent. Sure he was "aite", but I didn't get what all the hype was. Fast forward to now, however, and I must say, this dude now has my full attention with this new offering! It features his co conspirator and label boss, Wizkid. 


    Right from the second I hit the play button, I loved the song already. It had a truly authentic Afro-beat groove to it, every instrument just seemed to be well picked, well blended and well articulated. The record is easy to flow along with, easy to listen to, and you can easily spin the song ten times before you pay any serious attention to whatever is being said. The blend of vocal and instrumental is stellar.

    V is for VIBE

    I like it because it recreates a truly vintage sounding Afro-beat vibe with very few instruments. Anyone who knows me knows I'm an advocate of using as few instruments as possible to make musical statement. It's too easy to overcook things in our digital age and be tempted to keep cramming and cramming things in. On the arrangement side of things too, things have been laid out such as to allow the vocal be the centerpiece of the record. Yet room is still there for u to appreciate and enjoy the various instruments.


    The mix is solid and superb, and pretty much impossible to fault. The voice is crisp, clear, and is well planted into the beat. It's not harsh, and sounds nicer when it's turned up louder. It reminds me a lot of "Get  Lucky" by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams in terms of that smooth, groovy, laid back feel that is quite infectious. All the elements of the production are balanced, nothing pokes out at your ears demanding for attention. I don't know if Maleek mixed this himself or someone else did, but this is a solid job overall.

    I would strongly recommend this for aspiring producers /engineers to add to their mix reference library.

  • LISTEN: Maleek Berry  - "One Life" (Ft Wizkid)

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