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  • Our Team

    We pride ourselves in being able to put together a well oiled team of seasoned, enthusiastic and passionate young professionals.


    Chief Engineer

    Music Production, Mixing & Mastering

    Certified Audio Engineer, Audio Institute Of America

    Founder and designer of 17-17 AudioLaB, Doktor Santi has been intensively involved in all aspects of music production for close to 15 years. He has also enjoyed acclaim as an artist himself, and has an intutitive understanding of the recording and production process. Combined with his deep passion for quality sound, a relentless hunger for all things music and an innate understanding of what exactly an artist requires and desires , he is no doubt a superb ally and a dependable second set of ears to have with you in the studio. Santi's aim with the AudioLaB is to create a superlative recording and mixing environment to deal with the demands of the modern music industry.



    Managing Executive

    Vocalist & Instrumentalist

    Studio Administrator

    Co-conspirator & associate conceptualist of the 17-17 AudioLaB empire, Irawo Martins is a spirited and passionate artistic soul. Having had one successful LP with extensive touring credits under her belt, she takes pride in seeing to it that client requirements are well adhered to. She is talented, conscentious, creative and is the engine room of the facility. She is also ever-ready to supply backing vocals and guitar parts at a moment's notice!


    Second Producer, Tracking Engineer

    Music Production, Vocal Coaching, Session Tracking

    Ex- MTN Project Fame Finalist

    Tolu is a multi-talented, multi-faceted industry professional whose works speak of nothing but excellence at every turn. He is a true maverick with vocal harmonies and chord structure, and is a sheer delight to work with during sessions. He displays an uncanny dexterity both in the booth and the control room that comes very easy to him. He has worked with a slew of top dogs in the industry and is able to bring that "magic" touch into the music production arena to create truly world-class, timeless audio pieces.

  • Affiliated Producers

    We are also able to leverage on the skill set of other highly talented music producers/engineers who can be brought into any of our projects as the need requires. 


    Music Producer & Mix Engineer

    OrangeVille Music

    Dynamic and bursting at the seams with extreme creativity, Sokay brings a unique vibe and polish to his productions that are difficult to match by his contemporaries. He is a total musician, versatile and able to easily and quickly adapt to any recording or production scenario as the occasion demands. His OrangeVille Music imprint is fast gaining ground and pushing the bounds of what is musically possible, and his spontaneous and easy-going approach to sessions puts clients at ease, creating the atmosphere for genius to erupt. 

  • T-KLEX

    Music Producer & Mix Engineer

    Insota Music

    To say that T-Klex's sound is one all of his own may come across as cliche, but is a fact, nonetheless. His musical tastes encompass a rich blend of traditional and contemporary offerings all at once, and his dexterity on the keyboard leaves clients astounded. T-Klex easily brings an artist's vision to life in a way that defies words. Nifty with both software & hardware environments, Klex can bring that much needed vibe and musicality required during any session, and his unique ear for sound is something that easily sets him apart from the rest. 


    Music Producer, Remixer

    The ATM Company

    KK's approach to music creation can be described as nothing short of genius, and he truly is a music craftsman of this generation. Adept at creating catchy Hip Hop, Pop, Trap & Dubstep hooks and percussion syncopations that tickle the ears and rattle sub-woofers, KK delivers music that can be described as sonically rich, yet clinically precise. His knack for remixing is also something that is of remarkable note.


    Music Producer

    OrangeVille Music

    Energetic, frenetic, and gutsy is how to best describe LC Beatz's tactic in approaching music creation. He is comfortable on both sides of the live and electronic music divide, and this makes him able to wield the musical elements with a lot of skill and deep understanding. He is superb with african percussions and cultural rhythms and is able to seamlessly translate that into more western-themed productions.