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    Music production is simply the art of being able to realize the creative/musical vision of an artist/musician from start to finish. 

    This typically involves having a relatively vast yet intimate knowledge of the tools involved in creating music and then knowing which of them to apply at any given time in getting the job done. 

    This may involve a hands-on approach or a more 'directorial' approach, live or electronic instruments, real time or remote-acceess musicians, a deep understanding of music theory, sequencing, songwriting, arrangement, etc.

    At 17-17 AudioLaB, Doktor Santi is well versed with the varying approaches to creating a professional record and has the means at his disposal to deploy whichever method or route best serves your artistic goals.



    Again, artistic aspirations vary from client to client, so we prefer to tailor our fees to the needs of each individual artist and project. Please call, ping or live chat with Doktor Santi for more details.

    Or simply fill the inquiry form below to get started.

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