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    Doktor Santi stands out amongst the crowd as a quadruple threat; he is a music producer, a medical doctor, a mix engineer and a recording artist, all at once. In his almost 15 years of artistic pursuit, he keeps attempting to smash stereotypes and flip norms on their heads, all the while mostly making the story up as he goes along. As expected, his style of music is rather difficult to categorize, as it incorporates a lot of ingredients, blending a diverse tapestry of sounds ranging from hip hop, techno and electronica to afrobeat, rock, soul and a distinct brand of percussionism.

    Santi released his first ever body of work to the world in 2010, titled "Declassified" under the moniker "Dr Sankty", on the platform of then fledgling indie label TowerGate Records, to critical acclaim and superb reception. Later that same year, he founded 17-17 AudioLaB Recording Studios, and in the following year, he obtained a Diploma in Recording Engineering & Music Production from the Audio Institute of America in San Fransisco, California.

    He has since released a string of singles, from the infectious pop/club anthem, "Nite Vigil", and the seminal "Escapology: The Producer Diaries" series, to the EDM joint, "Afro Electro", to his most recent offering, the traditionalistic and ethereal piece "Spirit of P3AC3"

    His most recent work is a 5-Track EP, "The L5 EP, released on the 19th September 2015.

    And yes, he still actively practices the medical arts when not practicing pro-audio!

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