• I Can Give Your Song Its Best Sounding Mix Ever!

  • How? Just Follow These Steps!

  • Some Songs I've Mixed & Mastered Recently

  • So, Who Exactly Am I?

  • My Name Is Doktor Santi!

    I'm a mix engineer and I can make you sound like a god!

  • I have a Diploma in Audio Engineering from The Audio Institute of America but beyond that I am really very passionate about making great music! I have just one simple goal. To make your song sound as awesome as it possibly can.

    That's it!

    You have worked very hard on writing, producing and recording your song. Now it's time to have it mixed, and somehow, one way or the other you just aren't getting the final product that you really want.

    And yet, you really can't afford to spend hundreds of thousands of Naira to hire the "big names".

    That's where I come in. For a fraction of those hundreds of thousands of Naira, I can give you top notch, quality mixing and mastering that upcoming artists and producers like YOU can actually hope to pay for!

    I have an Audio Diploma from America and I have been mixing music for a little over 10 years, but what is more important is that I've spent all that time perfecting just ONE THING - how to mix and master your song so that it sounds awesome! Not just awesome to you but also to everyone else who hears it!

    What's more rewarding than that!

    You want your work to be heard in the best possible light and you want it to sound great everywhere and anywhere in the world, and in any setting that it's played.

    I'm your man. I can make that dream a reality for you!

    Or...maybe you are even good at mixing your work and you are happy with what your mixing sounds like, but you just don't have the time!

    And you need someone just as good or maybe even better than you to handle the mixing & mastering aspect of your work so you can focus entirely on what you love or prefer to do, which is recording and/or production.

    Or maybe you are even a mixing engineer yourself, but with way too many jobs than you can humanly turn in on that tight schedule and you need an extra pair of hands (and ears!) to get the job done in record time!

    Again, I'm your guy!

    So, what are you still waiting for?

    Hit me up on WhatsApp (09096041426) and let's get started!

  • In A Nutshell, Why Am I The Best For You?

  • 1. I'm trained and certified to do this

    2. I totally love doing it

    3. Mixing is all I do. I don't record or produce. So your song has my undivided attention to all the details present in your work

    4. I have been doing this for over 10 years

    5. You can certainly afford me!

    6. Your quality & professional results are 100% guaranteed

    7. It's an interactive process and my job is done ONLY WHEN you are happy with the final result!


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    Hip Hop Artist

    "Dr Santi's attention to detail is phenomenal...it's like he's got golden ears!"

  • G.O.R.

    Urban Pop Duo

    "We simply can't trust anyone else with our mixes, period."

  • Tolu

    Ex-MTN Project Fame Finalist

    "What he [Dr Santi] does to my songs when he mixes them...magic to my ears"

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